RESolution is a unified user interface platform designed around the researcher to manage the full lifecycle of research projects at ORNL. The responsive design makes It accessible from desktops, smartphones and tablets. RESolution's design provides an enjoyable and efficient user experience for the researcher. 

action list

The foundation of the RESolution user interface is an action list. After intensive user study we determined that the standard red, yellow, green alerting system of a typical dashboard was to noisy and annoying to the researchers. A subtle iconographic language that relied on form rather than color to signal importance was developed. In order not to overwhelm the user the information architecture layers the information. Prominence in the interface is given to items in the enterprise that are waiting on the researcher's actions. Alerts that may require action are secondary and items the researcher may want to follow are tertiary. 

waiting on you

The first thing that researchers see in the application is the work flow tasks that need their immediate action. The ribbon icon is used throughout the applications to mark workflow items.



A gentle reminders of workflow tasks that need attention as they are time sensitive or things that are approaching or have exceeded a threshold. 


RESolution automatically pins items to the radar whose progress and outcome are likely to interest the researchers. It also include items on the horizon that may need attention in the future.  

Project Management Module

  • The goal was to create a light-touch project management tool for researchers.
  • Projects can be setup in 15 minutes and begin tracking.
  • Users enter a monthly spend plan and milestone for a project.
  • Integration with with financial systems allows the displays of cost data relative to plan.
  • Project cards give the user a summary of key metrics for each project.
  • Each project dashboard displays cost, schedule, budget authority and performance
  • Interactive widgets allow users to drill in and filter data.


The most powerful and hardworking screen in the project management tool is the portfolio dashboard. Charts at the top aggregate milestone, plan, cost and performance data for the portfolio. A data grid summarizes key project metrics, and users can expand the grid for a second layer of detail.

Site access

Scientists use this module to manage visitors access to ORNL's campus and research facilities. A chart view displays duration of the access authorization as well buildings and cyber access.

Quick filters allow users to see visitors arriving in two weeks or guests who's access is about to expire.




Conducting world leading research requires a wide range of supplies, products and services from polar bear guards in the arctic to neutron target vessels. Researchers can track the full procurment lifecycle from approval to receivng in RESolution. 



See detailed information on the status of invoices - full invoice history with percent invoiced to date.


Keep track of requisition requests and the approval processes from RESolution. See who the request is waiting on.


Track the status of a purchase order (PO) to determine if it hasn’t been invoiced, is partially invoiced, or is fully invoiced.


Project reports with intuitive and beautiful infographics keep sponsors up to date. With a few selections from the report outline or by choosing from templates researchers can generate summary reports for management or detailed operation focused reports for the project team.