PMI Distinguished Project Award

"NNSA is a model for organizations that value project management as a discipline that increases success rates, creates efficiencies and aligns with demanding strategic requirements. Few organizational missions demand excellent project execution more than the NNSA G2 project."

- Mark Langley, president Project Management Institute

AFEI Excellence in Enterprise Information

"NNSA's innovative system is designed to optimize investments of taxpayer funded infrastructure recapitalization, maintenance, and support nuclear nonproliferation activities in the most cost-effective manner. G2 has given the NNSA the ability to analyze key data in a holistic manner on the scale of $2 billion in annual investment decisions."

- Dave Chesebrough, president Association for Enterprise Information


"NNSA’s G2 system drives risk-based decisions at the enterprise level. Defensibility, traceability, and risk-based decision-making are now the norm at NNSA.”

- James McConnell, Associate Administrator for the Office of Safety, Infrastructure, and Operations



A research lifecycle support system to improve scientific productivity.


A point of care solution with an interface optimized for ease of use and workflow.