G2 integrates Headquarters and National Laboratory scope, schedule, budget, and metric information, creating a single repository of program data. This allows laboratories to work at a more detailed level using traditional project management tools while providing headquarters with up-to-date information at an appropriate level of detail. G2 provides execution-level modules for management oversight, data collection, analysis, and tracking and supports geo-spatial data analysis in addition to traditional business intelligence capabilities.

The National Nuclear Security Administration maintains and enhances the safety, security, and effectiveness of U.S. nuclear capabilities and works globally to reduce nuclear proliferation and the danger from weapons of mass destruction.


  • Provide increased operational transparency to Congress and other constituents,
  • Support efficient and effective management of taxpayer funds,
  • Provide advanced data analysis and reporting capabilities to drive better decision making throughout the organization, and
  • Support the work of multiple organizations with varying missions within a single system.