Open Positions


Developing software is fun, especially when you are tackling new problems and new industries. Our engineers are involved in the whole process, from meeting with customers, gathering requirements,  and designing the system to coding the frontend, middle tier and backend.

As a new engineer, you will work with a mentor. In the first few months you will learn a host of new technologies and code more than you have through all of your education. Your skills will advance quickly in both technologies and the art of building software.

Many of the solutions we build use a Microsoft stack. Data is stored in SQL Server, the middle tier logic is written in C# and the rich interactive user interfaces we design are coded in HTML/CSS/JavaScript using frameworks like Google’s AngularJS or Facebook’s React with Redux. We integrate with hardware using C++ and also develop systems using open source technologies.


  • Team, team, team - works well in blended teams with clients, user interface designers, business analysts and other engineers.
  • Loves coding - we are looking for people with a passion for coding, whether this came at an early age or during college - a desire to be at the top of your industry, keeping current as technologies evolve.
  • Craftsmanship - striving for excellence in the quality of work product and process.
  • Teachable - open to learning from mentors and to correction, in other words, coaching.
  • Courage - not afraid of complex architectures and logic. 


We’re looking for colleagues who are ready to participate in our creative development process from conceptualization to execution including, user research, white-boarding, concept development, wireframes, reviews & feedback; someone who embraces complicated problems and is curious about exploring new system interaction paradigms.

The designer will be responsible for designing, enhancing, and sustaining a positive UX across platforms. This is done by turning complex tasks and goal-based requirements into elegant interaction solutions. 

You will be paired with peer UI/UX designers and counterparts in business and engineering. If you are a creator at heart, clear communicator, kind collaborator and detail oriented…this team is probably for you.


  • Team, team, team - works well in a blended team of clients, engineers and other designers. 
  • Visual design - strong aesthetic sensibilities and skills in producing rich visual designs, including composition, layout, information hierarchy, typography and color.
  • Professional and teachable - always striving for excellence and growth in quality of work product and process.
  • Aptitude + attitude to handle complex information architectures.
  • Willingness to learn and to have empathy for users.
  • Passion for designing beautiful, usable, and meaningful web experience.
  • Expertise in Sketch, Invision & Adobe suite
  • Awesome portfolio with relevant experience


Email a resume or portfolio link to to start a conversation.